A child’s wish


A Primary School teacher asks her
pupils to write an essay
“what wish do you want from God?” At
the end of the day, the teacher
collects all the essays given by her
pupils. She takes them to her
house, sits and marking them. while
marking the essays, the teacher
sees a strange essay written by one of
her pupils. That essay made
her very emotional. Her husband
comes and sits beside her and saw
her crying. The husband asked her
wife “What happened?”
She answered “Read this. It is one of
my pupil’s essay.”
“Oh God, Make me into a Television.
I want to live like the TV in my house.
In my house, the TV is very valuable.
All of my family members
sit around it. They are very interested
in it.
When the TV is talking, my parents
listen to it happily and calmly.
They dont shout at the TV. They dont
quarrel with the TV.
They dont slap at the TV. So I want to
become a TV.
The TV is the center of attraction in
my house.
I want to receive the same special care
that the TV receives from
my parents. Even when it is not
working, the TV has a lot of value.
When my dad and mom come home,
immediately they sit
in front of the TV, switch on it and
spend hours.
The TV is stealing the time of my dad
and my mom.
If I become a TV, they will spend their
time with me.
While watching the TV, my parents
laugh a lot and they smile
many times. But I want my parents
should laugh and smile with me.
So please make me into a TV. .
And last but not least, If I become a TV,
surely I can make my parents
happy and entertain them. Lord I don’t
ask you anything. I just want to
live like a TV. Please make me into a
The husband completed reading the
He said “My God, poor kid. He feels
loneliness. He did not receive
enough love and care from his parents.
His parents are horrible”.
The eyes of the primary School
teacher filled with tears.
She looked at her husband and said
“Our son wrote this essay”.


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