A fisherman and a fish

Long, long ago , there lived an old fisherman and his wife .They lived in a hut beside the sea.The fisherman used to catch fish with his net andhis old wife used to make thread.Thus they were passing there life.One day, the fisherman went to the sea with his net. He threw the net and pulled it up. But there was some mud and nothing else in the net. The second time, came up some grass. The third time, a fish was caught. It was a nice golden fish.
The fisherman was very glad to see the fish. But when he was abou to touch it, it spoke out, ” Oh good old man! please, set me free and let me go. I promise, I’ll give you all, that you may ask for.” The fisherman was astonished. He requested the fish to place him above want.After that he freed the fish and went home.When he reached home,he became wandered seeing a palatial building with all amenities for comforts. He told everything to his wife. But wife was very greedy.She was not satisfied with the things they got.She told her husband to demand more to the fish.

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