A Man Who Made 30 Crore of rupees From Nothing


It was in nearly 1990 in Mumbai, India.
Prem Ganapathy was 17 years
old. For the first time, he came alone to
Mumbai for a job. Unfortunately
he was robbed as soon as he reached
Mumbai. In front of the railway
station, someone theft his only rupees
200 he had. As a 17 year old boy
outside the Bandra railways, he had
As he did not understand Hindi, a
Tamilian passenger took him to a
temple and requested visitors to
contribute money and arrange a ticket
for him to Chennai. But the 17 year old
boy, Prem Ganapathy, was
determined that Mumbai was going to
change his life.
After a bit of effort, he got a job to
wash utensils at Mahim Bakery.
He earned about 150 rupees a month.
He continued to work rigorously
at several restaurants to earn and
In about two years, he saved enough
money to start his own business
(selling Idlis). He hired a handcart for
rupees 150 per month and bought
some utensils along with a stove for
rupees 1000. It was year 1992,
when he started operating his
business outside Vashi railway station.
After doing it all alone for a while, he
felt that he needed some help as
his business grew. He invited two of his
younger brothers to Mumbai.
He ensured hygiene at the eatery and
they all wore a cap. This was a
surprise for his customers as roadside
eateries never cared about this.
Local authorities seized his cart on
many occasions and he had to pay
penalty to get it back as such carts did
not get a license. In a few years,
he saved enough money and leased a
shop for Rs 5000 per month
and also hired two additional
employees. His street side cart was
a small restaurant.
Many of his frequent visitors were
college students and. He established
good connections with them. He
learned to use internet from them and
started looking for recipes on the
internet. He started experimenting
dosas and in a year, he introduced 26
new dosas like Schezwan Dosa,
Paneer Chilli Dosa and Spring Roll
Dosa. By 2002, his restaurant had
105 varieties of dosa and earned a lot
of fame.
However, he always dreamt of having
an outlet in a mall. He approached
many malls but his offer was turned
down as they were reserved for big
brand like McDonald’s etc. Finally he
got an opportunity to open his outlet
in the Center One Mall at Vashi. He got
the opportunity because the
managerial staff at the mall was a
frequent visitor to his restaurant.
His outlet in the mall became a big
In the year 2012, he had 45 restaurant
across 11 Indians states and 7
restaurants at foreign nations like New
Zealand, Dubai (U.A.E), Muscat
(Oman) – everything under the name
of “The Dosa Plaza.”
The man who was standing outside
the Bandra station, Mumbai without
a single penny on him in 1990, had set
up a brand and empire of 30 crores
(4490652 US Dollars) in 2012.


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