A Syrian brave girl


Syria is a country where everyone is
living under the threat of
terrorism and civil wars. Hundreds of
thousands of people were
killed mercilessly. Every citizen wants
to escape from this
country and reach a safe country. To
save their lives,thousands
of people went to France, Germany
and other countries by
small boats. And they are still going.
The capacity of a small
boat is 6 or 7 people. But every boat is
filled up with 25 people.
These kind of deadly travellings in the
sea is very common for
these people. While crossing the sea,
many boats sank and
thousands of people died.
Yusra Mardini is a beautiful girl of 17
years and a good swimmer.
An year ago her house was destroyed
in the syrian civil war.
Yusra and her sister decided to escape
to another country.
They paid some money to a smuggling
transporter and they got
some space in a boat.
Though the boat was meant to 6
people, it was filled up with 25
people, as usual. The boat was
travelling in the Mediterranean
sea. unexpectedly the boat’s motor
stopped working. The boat
stopped in the middle of the sea and
shaking from one side to
another side. All the people started
Immediately Yusra jumped into the sea
and started pushing the
boat from the back. She pushed the
boat of 25 people from
Damascus to Beirut, to Istanbul and
finally to Lesbos. With an
extraordinary courage, Yusra pushed
the boat continuously for
many hours and took the boat safely
to Lesbos in Turkey.
Now living and training in Germany,
Yusra Mardini got a chance
to participate in swimming competition
in Rio Olympics. She is
practising swimming day and night.

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