The Death Of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz

Fatimah the wife of Omar Ibn ‘Abdul Aziz said about his illness, “That night, his shivering became uncontrollable and he couldn’t sleep, so we kept a vigil over him and didn’t sleep either. In the morning, I told a servant of his known as Marthad, ‘O Marthad, stay with the commander of the faithful] and […]


The Lingering Pain Of Sinning

During the caliphate of ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattaab, Sa‘eed ibn ‘Aamir was the governor of Hims, a city in Ash-Shaam. When ‘Umar visited Ḥimṣ to see how things were going there, he was met by a large group of people who began to complain to him about Sa‘eed. They found fault with him in four matters. […]

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