Let’s fight for our happiness


(By Dale Carnegie, a world famous
personality development trainer)
We may not be billionaires. We may not
be heroes in movies. We may
not have sky touching buildings. We
may not be big businessmen,
sportsmen, and politicians. We may not
be handsome or beautiful.
We may have many problems.
But we can surely be happier than
them. We can get more peace of
mind and more satisfaction than them.
We can make our lives more
and more beautiful. Because
happiness, peace of mind and
do not depend upon what we have,
where we are and who we are.
They depend upon our thinking.
Let’s fight for our happiness by
following a daily programme of
and constructive thinking. Here is such
a programme. It is entitled “Just
for Today”. I found this programme so
inspiring that I gave away
hundreds of copies. It was written a
century ago by the late Sibyl F.
Partridge. If you and I follow it, we will
eliminate most of our worries
and increase our joy of life.
Just For Today
1. Just for today I will be happy.
Happiness is from within. It is not a
matter of externals.
2. Just for today I will try to adjust
myself to what is. I will not not try
to adjust everything to my own
desires. I will take my family, my
business, and my luck as they come
and fit myself to them.
3. Just for today I will take care of my
body. I will exercise it, care for it,
nourish it, not abuse it nor neglect it,
so that it will be a perfect machine
for my future.
4. Just for today I will try to strengthen
my mind. I will learn something
useful. I will not be a mental loafer. I
will read something that requires
effort, thought and concentration.
5. Just for today I will be agreeable. I
will look as well as I can, dress
as becomingly as possible, talk low, act
courteously, be liberal with
praise, criticise not at all, nor find fault
with anything and not try to
regulate nor improve anyone.
6. Just for today I will try to live
through this day only, not to tackle my
whole life problem at once.
7. Just for today I will have a
programme. I will write down what I
to do every hour. I may not follow it
exactly, but I will have it. It will
eliminate two problems, hurry and
8. Just for today I will have a quiet
half-hour all by myself and relax.
In this half-hour sometimes I will think
of God, so as to get a little more
perspective into my life.
9. Just for today I will be unafraid,
especially I will not be afraid to be
happy, to enjoy what is beautiful, to
love, and to believe that those I
love, love me.

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