The greatness of Hatem Tai

Long, long ago there lived a very kind and generous man in Yemen. Yemen is a province in Arabia. The name of that man was Hatim Tai. He was not rich. But he was very hospitable. People loved him. They praised him more than there king. So the king wanted to have him removed from the world.


One day the king gave a dinner. The guests praised the king. So the king felt happy and proud. But the guest praised  Hatim Tai also. This made the very angry. He did not say anything then. But one flowing day he sent one of his men to Hatim Tai. The king ordered the man to kill Hatim Tai and bring his head.

The man left. One the way he meet a young man. The young man was very kind to him. He was invited to the young man’s house for the night. The flowing morning the stranger wanted to leave. But the young man requested him to stay at last one day more.

But he said, “I can’t stay any longer. The king was sent me to do an important work.” “Friend, tell me what your important work is. May be, I can also help you.” The young man requested.

“It is a secrete The king ordered me not to tell anybody. However, you have been a very good friend to me. So I shall tell you. You must keep it secrete. I have been ordered to kill Hatem Tai and carry his head to the king.” Replayed the stranger.

The young man laughed and said. “You made a mistake. You should have told me the last night. I am Hatem Tai. You can carry out the king’s order without any delay.”

The stranger was surprised. “You are Hatem Tai! No, Friend’ I can’t kill you. You are so noble. I must go back immediately and report everything to the king.” Replied the stranger. He took leave of Hatem Tai and left for the king’s palace.

The king heard everything. He was pleased. He praised the man for not carrying out the order. Then the king sent a messenger inviting Hatem Tai to his palace.

Hatem Tai gladly accept the king invitation. He come to meet the king. The king gave a dinner in his honour. He praised Hatem Tai before his guest. He also showed him great honour.

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