Try to Find your luck


Once a man was standing on road and waiting for someone who can give him lift. He was waiting for long time. After some time one man came on bike. First man stopped him and asked him for lift after a thought he said okay than both start going. During the journey The First man notice second man is very sad so he asked him why are you sad. Second man told him I have a very bad luck. Everything I tried to do go wrong.Than first man thought for a sec and said you thought you have very bad luck but there is no bad luck until you stop thinking about it if you can’t than you can’t remain happy. Look at me I’m happy because I never thought negative. Second man said its easy to said you are saying this because your luck is good and nothing happen to you. First man was thinking what I can tell
him than he decide to remain quite . They were traveling on dangerous road and in few mints they will arrive
on their location.After few mints they fall out from bike because of road in between the road. Than Second man said look what happen its because I have very bad luck. Than First man understand why he has bad luck because he see
negative point in everything so he said do you know you have very good luck. Second man said how I have good luck?
First Man said if we fall at other side we will be dead by know there is hole and its enough to kill us. Second man saw on the other side and shocked now he understand there is no bad luck until you thought negative if you always try to find something positive you will never got any lose for nothing.

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